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Intended Use : Network Infrastructure (Intranet, Networking, ISP's, VOIP, Telecom), Technology Websites, Startup Websites, Agency Websites, Business Websites.

.NET Domain Highlights

net domain name
Domain Type gTLD
Registry Provider Verisign
Country Not Applicable
Maximum Name Length Characters 3 to 63
Registration Term 1 to 10
Whois Privacy Available
Domain Locking Available
DNSSEC Available
Explicit Renewal Yes
Auto Renewal Not Available
Auto Renewal Date 30 Days Before Expiry.
Grace Period 30 Days
Redemption Period 30 Days
Domain Transfers Accepted
Authcode Available
Premium Names Not Available
Registration Restrictions None

Why Register .NET Domain Name

The .net domain name extension is recognized as the world's second most successful domain after the .com. Established in 1985, .net is one of the oldest and highly extravagant top-level domains which came into existence along with six other major domain name extensions which includes the worlds number one , .com, the .org, .int, .edu, .gov, .mil derived from organization, international, government and military. The .net domain extension is a top choice for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and innovators like startups to create a remarkable, and a well-recognized online presence. Initially the .net domain was registered for technology networks, ISP's and data center operations. Currently it is available for any business or individual regardless of registration restrictions. Over the years, the .net domain name has experienced a dramatic rise in its registrations. Between 2000, till date, the .net domain registrations increased ten times from 1.5 million domains to 15 million domains currently registered by individuals and business owners. If you're planning to build a highly engaging website for a remarkably innovative business idea, the .net domain name is hot pick. The domain is easily recognizable, speaks volume and credibility for your online business in order to build the perfect presence. With millions of .net domain name registrations taking place every day, make sure to grab your brand name with a .net before its gone.