Enterprise Class Dedicated Servers

Ensure peak performance and reliability with scalable dedicated servers. Flexible monthly plans with no restrictions on bandwidth. Go Unlimited!

  • Multiple OS & Control Panel
  • 99 % Network Uptime
  • Complete Root Access
  • Flexible Monthly and Yearly Plans
  • Software & Hardware RAID
  • 100 GB Backup Space
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Managed Dedicated Hosting Plans

Browse through a series of dedicated servers with powerful Intel & AMD processors built for resource intensive websites and latency-critical web applications. Enjoy unmetered bandwidth, flexible hardware, and a complete control over your network.


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Industry Standard Benefits

Find out a series of exclusive benefits empowering web owners with greater speed and flexibility over a hosting infrastructure. Faster loading websites and applications, fool proof security, scalable hardware and managed services helps you focus on what you do best.

Rocket Speed

Unleash the power and speed of a dedicated server tailored for resource intensive websites and applications.

In a shared hosting infrastructure, resources such as CPU, RAM, storage space and bandwidth are distributed among several websites hosted on a shared network causing performance limitations. As a result of shared resources, when one website experiences high traffic of site visitors, normally during peak periods, it takes up bandwidth of its neighboring sites, stagnating their speed and page loading time. Loss of bandwidth in order to support high traffic websites causes incredible performance degradation of sites sharing similar resources. Any lags in page loading time of a website causes performance degradation for site visitors, forcing them to abandon slow loading sites to find faster competitor sites, resulting in loss of sales and conversions. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting endows a website with exclusive resources devoted primarily for its usage guaranteeing 99 % network uptime and accessibility.

  • Experience faster page loading speed and power for resource intensive websites or applications.
  • Never lose a sale with 99 % network uptime and availability during periods of high traffic.
  • Dramatically improve the overall performance and experience of your website and applications.
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Instant Scalability

Upgrade your server in case of resource exhaustion. Select configurations best suited for your applications and websites.

As your business grows, your website becomes popular and experiences a higher traffic of site visitors than average, requiring more space, speed, bandwidth and similar resources in order to accommodate for increased performance. In a situation where resource usage reaches its optimal functioning point and can no longer accommodate increased traffic resulting in resource exhaustion, it’s time for an upgrade. Exhausted resources tend to slow down websites and applications. In severe cases the server experiences hard shutdown resulting in data and website loss. In situations like these site owners are required either to move their entire hosting infrastructure to a new provider or a much more powerful server than what they had before. Luckily at Zohoster our dedicated servers accommodate to your growing business needs. Easily upgrade your dedicated server for additional hardware such as CPU, RAM, and storage space.

  • Upgrade your server in an instant without having to migrate to a new provider or a server.
  • Select additional CPU’s, disks, RAM, or storage space to accommodate your growing business.
  • Experience 99 % network uptime during the upgrade process without having to halt operations.
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Dedicated Bandwidth

Experience unmetered bandwidth reserved solely for your website or application in order to boost performance and speed.

Dedicated bandwidth unlike shared bandwidth supports your applications and websites with the same level of performance speed and agility regardless of high or low periods of internet traffic. The higher bandwidth your plan supports; the greater number of visitors can access your network without experiencing any lag. Unlike shared website hosting there is no drop in data causing site speed to slow down during spikes in internet traffic. With a dedicated bandwidth you can be sure of experiencing no delay or variation in data transmission which otherwise causes your site to clog. Host unlimited websites, domains, web pages and data such as high quality images, videos, and content without having your site to slow down. With unmetered bandwidth you can pretty much host all types of applications and websites such as eCommerce stores, media and content sites, resource intensive software applications such as web portals and CRM with ease.

  • Optimize your resource intensive websites and applications with a whopping 1Gbit/s bandwidth.
  • Create a seamless browsing experience for your customers with a faster loading website.
  • Experience no delay or variations in data transmission causing a lag in latency critical web apps.
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Foolproof Security

Exclusive security guaranteed for your network protected by a dedicated firewall, security monitoring and data segregation.

Protect your website, confidential data and hosted applications from potential network attacks, malwares, and network abuse by isolating your hosting infrastructure from other users. In a shared hosting environment, as the name derives, server resources such as CPU speed, power, bandwidth, and a single I.P address are used to host multiple sites on the same network. As a result, any infected file, harmful content, email spam or a network attack on neighboring sites in turn damages your site reputation, resulting in website or data loss. In order to avoid website failure or complete data loss due to poorly configured neighboring websites, data within a dedicated server is segregated on a private computer, with no access to server resources by any other user or website. Since a dedicated server guarantees exclusivity, your website files and applications are completely secure, uninfluenced from external threats.

  • Enjoy autonomous server access with administrative privileges to stand out from the rest.
  • Secure your hosting infrastructure by hosting it on a completely autonomous network.
  • Deploy fool proof security with a network firewall over a dedicated I.P address.
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Exclusive Features

Exclusive features of a dedicated server endows web owners with greater control over a hosting architecture. Choice of multiple operating systems, hosting control panels and data center location provides web owners with a series of options to select what fits best.

Available OS & Control Panel

Select from a series of operating system options readily available for instant install at discounted prices.

Comprehensive suite of operating system and hosting control panels readily available for instant installation during server deployment. Dedicated servers from Zohoster can be built from ground level for rescue systems, or can be configured with operating systems such as Arch Linux, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server Data Center Edition, and Windows Server Standard Edition. Hosting control panels include cPanel on Centos, Plesk Web Admin, Plesk Web Pro, Plesk Web Host on Ubuntu and Debian, and Windows Servers as part of our Windows hosting plans. Additional add-ons include NVMe (non-volatile memory express) for data transfer acceleration between enterprise or client systems and solid-state drives (SSD’s). All dedicated servers offer a free 100 GB backup space by default and a 16 GB - 64 GB USB stick available for instant deployment. You can also order extra IPv4/IPv6 subnets in order to create a private network.

  • Save 10-15 % with discounted prices for hosting control panel, and operating systems.
  • 100 GB backup space included by default with each server for increased data protection.
  • Order additional IPv4 or IPv6 subnets at starting as low as $5/month per IPv4.
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Administrative Control

Enjoy complete server control with administrator privileges and authorized root access to your server.

Unlike shared hosting, in a dedicated hosting environment the user is given root access to the server with administrative privileges allowing greater control over the software, and hardware infrastructure. Configure a dedicated server with a choice of your favorite operating system and hosting control panel which best fits your business applications or websites. You can install your own suite of security applications on a dedicated server independent of the initial setup. This is done using an SSH client (Putty, WinSCP) which establishes an SSH connection over port 22. You can input the username “root” and the “root password” sent to your email after server deployment. You can further check hardware statistics such as CPU, RAM, storage space, number of IP’s, and bandwidth usage using a simple set of Linux commands. Additionally, you can effectively manage operations underlying MySQL databases using a simple set of Linux commands in order to create, modify and delete databases as required.

  • Manage hardware statistics for CPU, hard drive and RAM to manage resource usage effectively.
  • Install, uninstall, or upgrade software add-ons, operating system and hosting control panels.
  • Manage large MySQL databases with ease as opposed to slower traditional methods.
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Private Network

Build a private network comprising of multiple dedicated servers and effectively manage all machines from a single interface using a state-of-the-art infrastructure management console. Order additional IPv4 addresses for efficient email management and marketing.

dedicated server ip

Extra IP's

Order a private network with additional IPv4/IPv6 subnets at competitive prices.

In case you require additional IPv4 or IPv6 addresses for your dedicated server, you can always create a private network by ordering additional subnets or individual IP addresses. We offer subnets of /29 (6 IPv4), /28 (14 IPv4), and /27 (30 IPv4) from as low as $6 per IP. Having additional IP’s on your network has a lot of benefits, the biggest of which is being able to install an SSL certificate for your domains. In order to host multiple SSL certificates for different domains you’d require a dedicated I.P address for each domain you wish to host on the server. Additionally, having multiple I.P addresses prevents internet traffic from being exchanged via the gateway which causes website clogging, eventually speeding up your website processes and mitigating the load on a single I.P. Furthermore, you can strengthen your site security by running different IP’s for your website and SSH connection in order to prevent hackers from establishing a connection to your site root.

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dedicated server ipkvm

IPKVM Control

Remotely access multiple servers with KVM over IP access regardless of your physical location.

IPKVM access delivers enterprise scale infrastructure management with remote console access to monitor multiple servers and networks from a single, user friendly interface. Effectively manage a series of operations for multiple machines with improved scalability and flexibility for your network. IPKVM further promotes easy upgrade of operational infrastructure or complete migration of computing resources between diverse premises. Additionally, IPKVM supports hardware operations for unlimited number of computers/servers across different locations. One of the biggest advantage of IPKVM is cost savings and a higher return on investment stemming from swift expansion of hardware. Any additional hardware added to the existing infrastructure can be managed using IPKVM regardless of where the machines and end devices are placed, eliminating the need to run a cable for direct connection between the management interface and the additional hardware.

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