Save money on web hosting when you transfer a domain name.



Transfer a domain name in four simple steps.

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Step 1

Unlock Domain

Unlock your domain name at your current domain registrar.

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Step 2

Search Domain

Input your domain name in the domain transfer search box.

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Step 3

Input Auth Code

Input your authorization code obtained from your registrar.

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Step 4

Transfer Domain

Add the domain name to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Why transfer domains to Zohoster?

With over a decade of experience and over one million domains registered with Zohoster you are fully covered for domain protection.

Automated Process

Transferring your domain name to Zohoster is quick, automated, and risk-free. Automation allows you to work on the tasks that require your attention while the process runs in the background. Input your domain name and an authorization code from your current registrar to get started with the transfer process.

WP Toolkit

We offer an intuitive WordPress toolkit for domain owners to install WP websites and themes within minutes on a domain and get online with a professional website in no time. It also scans domain names for security vulnerabilities and recommends appropriate updates that require immediate attention.

Domain Lock

Zohoster offers a free domain lock feature that prevents unauthorized domain name transfers to a third party. Domain owners can fully secure their domain names without worrying about theft with a simple click. The process is fully automated and requires no tech skills. Enhance domain security with a domain lock.

DNS Editor

Enjoy complete control over your domain names with the DNS Zone Editor. The Zone Editor allows you to create, edit and delete DNS records with ease and convenience. Our DNS supports A Record, CNAME Record, MX Record, and DNSSEC. Additionally, we offer a Dynamic DNS to resolve hostnames on external networks.

Domain Redirects

Domain redirect interface forwards visitors of a domain name or a particular website to a different landing page or a website with a unique URL. You can select a permanent redirect (301) or a temporary redirect (302) to navigate visitors. Examples include redirecting visitors using a short URL to a longe URL.

Site Publisher

The site publisher allows customers to create websites using predefined templates in three simple steps. All you do is select a domain, a website template that best fits your business requirements and publish. Add business details, social media accounts, and integrate Google Analytics to get online in no time.