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Save 10 % on annual plans. Powerful resources, blazing speed, unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL certificate for your website.

  • websitehosting 1 Website
  • sharedwebhosting3 GB Storage
  • emailhosting3 Email Accounts
  • mysqlwebhosting3 MySQL Databases
  • ftpwebhosting3 FTP Accounts
  • unmetered bandwidthUnmetered Bandwidth
  • webhosting1 Click Installs
  • securewebhostingFree SSL Certificate
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Shared Web Hosting Plans

A great way to start your newly built website is to opt for shared hosting plans with a flexible option to upgrade as your business grows. Unmetered bandwidth, more space and premium security with a free SSL certificate ensures a higher value for money spent.

On Sale - Save 10 %

Save 10 % on annual plan. As low as /yr

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On Sale - Save 10 %

Save 10 % on annual plan. As low as /yr

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On Sale - Save 10 %

Save 10 % on annual plan. As low as /yr

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Value Added Hosting Benefits

Shared website hosting plans from Zohoster puts you at the forefront of online business. Host multiple websites onto a single hosting account to save extra costs. Install a series of applications and content management systems such as WordPress using one-click installer.

Host Unlimited Websites

Save time and costs; Host multiple websites and domains on a single hosting account.

As the internet experiences a rapid increase in businesses using the web to promote their services and products, use of multiple websites and domains is on the rise. Established businesses, I.T project managers, developers and entrepreneurs often run multiple online projects simultaneously. In situations like these buying an independent hosting plan for each unique domain or a website can dramatically increase web hosting costs. Additionally, use of multiple hosting plans and their respective control panels to manage numerous websites makes management difficult and time consuming. In order to improve the overall experience of managing multiple websites Zohoster has introduced Deluxe and Ultimate website hosting plans that can host different types of websites onto a single hosting account eliminating the need to buy extra web hosting packages. Grab an all in one, intuitive hosting plan with a control panel that lets you manage multiple projects with ease.

  • Spend less time and money to manage multiple projects from a single account.
  • Create add-on domains to host multiple websites using a simple DNS zone editor.
  • Create separate directories, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases for each individual website.
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One-Click Installer

Enjoy instant installation of 450 + web applications and content management systems within seconds.

Zohoster hosting control panel come along with a one-click installer for web applications, content management systems, and business applications such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel Framework, PHP, PrestaShop and Dolphin to name a few. Effortless installation and management of top tier web applications lets you focus on your business and leave the technical bits to a fully automated installer. Whereas automated installation of default applications saves you tremendous amount of time as opposed to carrying out a manual installation. In case of a WordPress website, one-click installer sets up a default WordPress theme ready to be used within seconds. You can go live by installing a premium theme of your choice on top of the default WordPress installation and go live within minutes. In the absence of a one-click installer, manual installation of default WordPress is required before a premium WordPress theme can be installed.

  • Deploy web applications within seconds by simply filling out your details.
  • Eliminate the need to manually install default website applications.
  • Use a premium theme on top of a default installation and be live within no time.
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Free SSL Certificate

Encrypt your website with an SSL certificate. Protect your customers, data and rank better on search engines.

Having an SSL certificate on your website promotes a secure connection between the website server and the computer network of the website user using an encrypted transport layer of security. The principal aim of having an SSL certificate is authentication of the data in transit exchanged between the website server, and a web user’s browser used to access the website. Protect customer data, confidential information such as payment methods used to buy products or pay for services, and eventually increase customer confidence, privacy and security as they browse your website. As of July 2018, Google has announced to flag all websites that do not have an SSL certificate as insecure with a warning in the URL bar of the site surfer’s browser. Hence in order to have your site identified as secure and rank better in search engines it is highly recommended to have an SSL certificate on your website.

  • Prevent third party intruders and hackers to intercept your customer data.
  • Rank high on search engines by having your site marked as secure to access.
  • Increase customer security and confidence on your website as they process payments.
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Exclusive Features of Shared Web Hosting

Boost website speed with unmetered bandwidth, take regular site backups using a single click, measure marketing performance by analyzing visitor analytics and access globally recognized apps for websites.

Automatic Backups

Backup website files, databases, email accounts and process for complete restoration using a backup wizard.

Secure your important business data, website files, and databases from the main backup wizard interface within your control panel account. Create partial backups of the home directory and MySQL databases or generate a full account backup creating an archive of all of your website files and email configuration. Enter an email address to receive a notification when the backup process finishes or disable notifications in case you do not want an email notification of the backup completion. Once the backup is complete, a zipped folder is created in your home directory readily available to be downloaded or for site restoration.

web hosting backup

Unmetered Bandwidth

Rocket speed bandwidth with no limitations ensure 99.99 % website uptime, faster loading without having to pay extra.

With Zohoster you have the freedom to have unmetered bandwidth which in the realm of web hosting defines the volume of data available to your customers. When visitors visit your website, browse your pages, interact with your web content, and download/upload files in case of large websites such as recruitment portals, they consume internet packets. The higher the bandwidth your hosting plan supports the more traffic your website accommodates. As your website gets more popular your bandwidth usage will go up and you will have to pay for additional bandwidth or upgrade your hosting plan.

web hosting bandwidth

Visitor Analytics

Learn more about your website audience by analyzing the most recent 1000 visitor analytics to your website.

Find out what site pages, products or services attract the highest visitors to your website. Learn about your visitors I.P address, the time spent on the website and the pages that have been accessed the most. Furthermore, you can find out what marketing channels work the best for your online business using a referring URL which lets you analyze third party sources from where users have been redirected to your website. This source could be a social media advert, an ad placed on a listing's website or even direct traffic from search engines. Get to know more about your customers directly from your hosting control panel to have a better understanding of business performance.

shared web hosting

Apps for Websites

Access leading eCommerce platforms, online store management systems, and business apps.

  • wordpress website hosting
  • magento web hosting
  • drupal web hosting
  • jomala web hosting
  • opencart web hosting

Build dynamic websites using open source content management system and eCommerce store management platforms using one-click install scripts. Hosting control panel by Zohoster supports installation of globally recognized and most widely used systems for publishing website content. Systems include WordPress for blogging and eCommerce websites, Magento for advanced online eCommerce stores, Drupal, OpenCart, Joomla and a lot more to help you get online within minutes. WordPress is used by almost 60 million websites worldwide. Drupal provides a back-end system for almost 2.3 % of websites globally. Features of open source content management systems include templating system and themes to change the complete aesthetics, look and feel of websites. Advanced modules and plugins supported by these content management systems add extended functionality to your website within minutes.

Complete Control

Enjoy greater control and flexibility to unleash your potential with our hosting control panel.

Zohoster control panels are packed with powerful add-ons for business automation. Manage website files, databases and take regular backups using an intuitive file manager. Manage domains, sub domains, add-on domains and domain redirection in the domains tab of your hosting control panel. Perform email related functions, such as creating a new email account, enabling an email forwarder, setting up auto-responders, track email delivery and a lot more. Enable password protection for site pages you either don't want to be viewed on the internet or indexed by major search engines.

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Multilingual Control Panel

Access the control panel in your preferred choice of language. Over 29 different languages available.

Get a better understanding of the features that come along your hosting control panel by viewing them in your favorite language. Major languages that are available include English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Arabic, Portuguese, Malay, Swedish, Turkish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Finnish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Hungarian, Greek, Danish and Dutch. Make use of advanced plugins such as ModSecurity, Hotlink Protection and Leech Protect in order to block users from a particular country or an IP from accessing your website.

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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Find out about how a shared web hosting plan can help your website get to work. Go live with powerful hosting resources and lightning speed hardware.

What is Web Hosting?

A website hosting is a form of internet hosting that allows people to host their websites on the World Wide Web. Hosting simply means renting. Website hosting companies are the hosts and you are the guests.

Why do I need it?

Your website consists of a wide range of files of various formats. These files are a collection of HTML pages, style sheets, images, content management systems, etc. arranged in a categorical hierarchy within folders. To make your website visible on the web your website files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the internet. These large high-powered computers are called web servers. Hence, in order to make these files visible and accessible on the internet, you need to rent out hosting space with an internet hosting provider. Unless and until these files are not hosted on a server, they cannot be viewed collectively as a website by your customers.

What are Web Hosts?

Think of a website hosting company like a shopping center that contains several individual stores. If you want to open a store in a shopping center, you can lease space. Website hosts are companies that physically have several web servers in one location, or what is sometimes referred to as a data center. A web server is simply a computer connected with the World Wide Web to host your website files. In addition to housing the webservers, website hosting companies deploy the software systems, protection and security, support with bandwidth that aids seamless connection of your website with the World Wide Web. A website hosting company is like a warehouse that contains several sections that can host your inventory. Depending on the size, type, and features of your inventory, you can rent out space in the warehouse. Another example could be of a shopping center where you can lease space and setup a shop. Let’s just say you are looking to open a new online shop to target customers using social media, depending on the amount of products you wish to sell, the database you wish to host, the bandwidth, and a certain set of specifications you can lease out your space in the shopping center for your new shop. Just like a shopping center, a website hosting company accommodates you with leasing space on their web servers, where you can store your important website files, products, databases, images etc. for visitors to view them on the internet using the World Wide Web. To accommodate a wide variety of websites and customer needs there are a variety of hosting solutions.

How do I Select a Hosting Solution?

Hosting solutions are broadly categorized based on a number of specifications and features related to your business. The amount of server space to host your website or software files, the amount of bandwidth your website is likely to consume, and other resources such as the number of databases you wish to host, security (SSL), privacy, number of FTP accounts, and FTP users likely to access your website, server speed, RAM etc. play a considerable role in determining the right package for your hosting needs. Consider your shop again. Suppose you only plan to sell a small collection of fashion accessories and related products. You have a small unique product offering so you don’t need the same amount of space as a big department store. Instead you can lease a smaller store at the shopping center that give you just enough space for your goods and costs less money. Additionally, because you are a small shop you don’t need a lot of extra technology or staff to help you sell your product, like a shopping center requires. Beyond server space and bandwidth there are other things to take into account while selecting the type of hosting solution. Ease of use, the budget, complexity of the website/software or the solution you wish to host and the level of flexibility for customization, security, privacy, and other minimal and major requirements must be taken into account before you make a purchase. We offer 4 different hosting solutions, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

What is a Shared Hosting Plan?

Shared hosting is a form of internet hosting in which the web hosting provider stores your website files on a server that is shared by other users. Sharing in this context implies sharing server resources such as hard disk space (server space), and bandwidth. Consider an example of a datacenter which has many server racks in it to that of a hostel with different rooms, of different sizes, and specifications. Depending on your requirements you may rent out an independent room, or you may want to consider sharing it with others. Shared hosting cuts down your monthly costs associated with hosting your website. It provides you with an opportunity to rent out in small slots within a server, rather than renting out the whole server. In a shared hosting solution, your hosting account is one of many accounts on a server or a group of servers that are maintained by a hosting provider. If you are new to hosting and watching your budget, shared hosting is a good place to start. Here are a few things to consider when determining if shared hosting is the right choice for you. In general, the daily traffic to a small business website doesn’t exceed 1000 visitors. This means small business websites typically don’t require a lot of bandwidth or resources to support them. In addition, small business websites tend to be more simpler and straight forward with fewer website files and data, which in turn mean they do not require a lot of server space or other resources. Shared hosting allows you to rent server space and associated costs with other customers just like you, without compromising on the overall performance of the server. Shared hosting in any case doesn’t imply that the performance of your website shall not be the way it should be. Shared hosting only helps you rent that part of the server that you actually need to maintain a healthy website.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth in the realm of website traffic is the volume of data that can be exchanged between your site and its users within a certain time period. In case your average page size is 1 MB (0.001 GB), average page views are 2 per visitor, with 1000 visitors per day (30,000 visitors/month), the total bandwidth you'd require on a monthly basis would be 60 GB calculated as 30,000 site visitor’s/month X 0.001 GB (1MB) average page size X 2 average page views per visitor. The higher the bandwidth your hosting plan supports the more traffic your website accommodates. It all pins down to the size of your website and the traffic your website generates. Websites come in all sizes, small, medium, large, and humongous. A humongous website in this regard shall be something similar to the likes of Amazon, E Bay, You Tube, Google etc. Large websites include fashion sites, retail, and e-commerce websites selling products, whereas medium websites are more or less information carriers such as blogs. A small website is a site that has no more than 5-6 basic pages (Home, About Us, Services, Pricing, Contact, and Gallery). Hence if your website generates a lot of content, interactive videos and information, has download/upload options, sells products as an e-commerce retailor, or has a blog attached to it you'd want to consider a hosting plan which gives you unmetered bandwidth. The hosting companies give you an amount of bandwidth that you are allowed to use. As your website gets more popular your bandwidth usage will go up and you will have to pay for additional bandwidth or upgrade your hosting plan. If you are not sure about the amount of bandwidth you require speak to one of our consultants and they shall assist you accordingly.