Bullet Proof SSL Certificates

Secure your website with domain validation SSL certificate. Ideal for small scale personal websites, and blogs.

  • Fastest and most affordable SSL certificate with a static site seal.
  • Encrypts sensitive information between the browser and a server.
  • Enables https encryption and places a browser padlock next to a web address.
  • Verifies domain ownership for increased confidence and trust in your website.
  • Boosts search engine rankings by displaying your site as a secure site to browse.
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Comprehensive SSL Certificates

Zohoster offers a range of SSL Certificates for comprehensive website security and authentication. Browse through multiple SSL certificates with domain validation, organization validation and extended validation.


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Exclusive Benefits of SSL Certificates.

Find out about the importance of having an SSL certificate in the modern digital landscape for websites. If you're losing web traffic or have lower sales you might want to take into consideration a few critical measures in order to boost your online presence.

Protect Customer Data

Protect your website sensitive information transmitted between a customer's browser and your web server.

The presence of an SSL certificate is fundamental for website security as it protects sensitive information transmitted between its customers and the web server by rendering it inaccessible for third-party access. An SSL certificate establishes an encrypted connection between the customers browser and a server and promotes safe transmission of data. Information in this context can either be financial in case of eCommerce websites such as payment card credentials and payment processor details, which the customer enters during checkout, or can be private such as a customer's name, address, phone number, email and other sensitive details when they register on a website. If a website is secured with an SSL certificate it promotes a secure environment for its customers resulting in an increased brand value, trust and customer loyalty. During checkout and registration, the presence of an SSL certificate ensures visitors are taken into confidence that their personal and financial information is fully secure.

  • Promote customer security in order to establish trust in your products and services.
  • Increase online sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment during the checkout process.
  • Build a strong reputation of a fully secure website for browsing and making online payments.

Promote Secure Payments

Safely accept and process online payments without revealing any confidential information to cyber criminals.

Over the year's cybersecurity experts have reported an increase in data breach involving payments cards and personal records. Over the years big data companies experienced data breaches in the form of millions of records being leaked out. During 2013-2014 Yahoo, an internet giant experienced the biggest data breach in the history of internet in which 3 billion user account information, real names, email addresses, date of birth and telephone records were leaked. When a user inputs their payment information to a website it travels through a series of channels and mediums where it can be decrypted and accessed by cyber criminals. The more channels information is processed through, the less secure it becomes. An SSL certificate secures confidential information customers process on a website by inputting random characters within the original information making it absolutely inaccessible and unreadable by cyber criminals.

  • Accept credit cards on your website without having to worry about potential data breach.
  • Encrypt sensitive information such as user details, passwords, credit card numbers etc.
  • Let customers know their security is of utmost concern as they shop on your website.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Rank better on major search engines including Google by having an SSL certificate installed on your website.

By July 2018, Google had announced that it will flag all websites without an SSL certificate and https encryption as insecure by displaying a security warning in the Google Chrome browser of the site visitor. The security warning highlights that the connection to the site is insecure, preventing users from entering any sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details and similar confidential data. Later on, Google proclaimed that adjustments will be made to their indexing system to give preference to pages with https encryption over http (non-https) pages. Hence pages with an SSL certificate (https encryption) will receive an SEO boost and will be placed higher than pages without a valid security certificate. Having an SSL certificate installed on your website is the new security standard set by major search engines and browsers across the world. After reviewing the importance of SSL certificates for boosting SEO the question pins down to what type of a certificate is suited best for your business. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

  • Rank high on search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo with an SSL certificate.
  • Get an SEO boost for business specific keywords with an https encryption as opposed to http.
  • Give a strong security statement to web browsers searching for your website on search engines.

Prevent Phishing Scams

Put a stop to phishing scams by preventing cyber-criminals to impersonate your website in order to trick your customers.

Phishing poses one of the greatest cyber threats, the most common form of cybercrime. It is considered a fraudulent activity in which a scammer sends email on behalf of reputable brands, financial institutions like banks and credit card companies in order to redirect customers on to fake websites. During a phishing scam a cyber-criminal impersonates your website and deceives visitors to input their credit card and payment information. As soon as the credit card details are submitted, information is processed in the wrong hands. This is where an SSL certificate comes in handy. Help your customers distinguish between real and fake websites with the help of SSL certificates. An SSL certificate is obtained after successful verification of domain ownership and authentication of business information by the certificate authority (CA). Hence only legitimate business owners and organizations are issued an SSL certificate in order to validate their identity for their customers and protect them from identity theft and phishing scams.

  • Prevent scammers from impersonating your website and stealing sensitive information.
  • Avoid ID and credit card theft by preventing scammers from using emails at your domain.
  • Install an SSL certificate for advanced identity management and authentication.

Compare SSL Certificates

Compare key features, certificate pricing, issuance time, warranty value and the level of validation provided by different types of SSL certificates available in order to select the best fit for your website.