Register domain name to advertise your business and products in Britain.

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Intended Use: Geotagging. Entities connected with the United Kingdom.

.CO.UK Domain Highlights domain name
Domain Type ccTLD
Registry Provider Nominet
Country United Kingdom
Maximum Name Length Characters Up to 63
Registration Term 1 to 10
Whois Privacy Not Available
Domain Locking Not Available
DNSSEC Available
Explicit Renewal Yes
Auto Renewal No
Auto Renewal Date 30 Days Before Expiry.
Grace Period None
Redemption Period None
Domain Transfers Not Accepted
Authcode Not Available
Premium Names Not Available
Why Register .CO.UK Domain Name For .uk, registrant must be based in UK. Note: New registrations not supported for, and - transfers and renewals only.

Why Register .CO.UK Domain Name

The proudly represents its U.K ancestry and lineage of the British dominion. Initially designed for commercial businesses the has now evolved as a credible choice for UK entrepreneurs, startups and established organizations. With over 10 million registrations the domain extension tops the .UK domain family surpassing its counterparts the,, and Whether for established businesses, non-profit charities, or expressing a trusted brand identify online, the is the perfect choice to instantly connect you with the British markets. Register domain name to join a group of successful enterprises that have made it on the top with one of the most recognized domain names in the United Kingdom. Get new customers on board, increase brand awareness and business value to build a stronger online presence by hosting your personal or business website on the domain name. Having a at the end of your brand name such as instantly lets your customers discover your presence in the U.K. Grab a domain name from Zohoster for a strong affiliation and a credible namespace to promote, advertise and sell your products or services across the United Kingdom. If you're someone residing in Scotland, England or Wales the domain name is something you cannot afford to miss. If you already have a domain name registered for your business do not forget to register its counterparts .uk, and to take complete control over your brands online presence before someone else registers it.