Register .cloud domain to advertise cloud sharing and storage products or services.

Starting from $25/yr
Intended Use: Cloud Storage Websites, Cloud Sharing Websties, Digital Media Websites, Music Video Websites, Technology Websites, Online Storage Websites.

Cloud Domain Highlights

cloud domain name
Domain Type nTLD
Registry Provider ARI
Country Not Applicable
Maximum Name Length Characters 3-63
Registration Term 1-10 Years
Whois Privacy Available
Domain Locking Available
DNSSEC Available
Explicit Renewal Yes
Auto Renewal Yes
Auto Renewal Date 30 Days Before Expiry.
Grace Period 30 Days
Redemption Period 30 Days
Domain Transfers Accepted
Authcode Available
Premium Names Available
Registration Restrictions None

Why Register .CLOUD Domain Name

With the evolution of digital technology, the word "cloud computing" or "cloud" has revolutionized data storage and sharing facilities. It's a universal term, one that people of all professional backgrounds understand as a way to store and monetize storage space over the internet. The .cloud domain name provides a perfect namespace for businesses operating in the tech industry, software engineers working on applications running on the cloud, and infrastructure vendors offering hosting services for music, photo, data storage and websites. Moreover if you're business runs on the cloud, or provides cloud hosting services the .cloud domain name is built for you. The .cloud domain is a top-level domain delegated in ICANN's New gTLD program made available to the general public on 16th February 2016 and till date has experienced a dramatic rise in its registrations with over 190,000 domains currently registered by businesses across 140 countries around the globe. It's a highly recommended choice for tech-based startups, empowering cloud services for business, government, financial services, internet security, entertainment and education. If you're a startup working with emerging technologies which include big data, block chain, augmented reality, virtual reality, robots, and IOT the .cloud domain name perfectly resonates your future vision and pursuits. If you're an entrepreneur with a forward thinking vision and a remarkable idea, or a business using cloud hosting services for data storage and to collaborate with clients/employees, the .cloud domain name is a suitable fit to reflect just the right message across the audience. Just as cloud computing has revolutionized the world of internet and data storage, the .cloud domain name has transformed domain registrations for technological startups. Register your .cloud domain with Zohoster and gear forward towards the future.